About Graphic Facilitation

Here are three ways that graphics can kick your planning processes  and events into creative high gear:

Graphic Facilitation captures and organizes group ideas, documents planning processes in real time, and records what is important for your group to remember.  Using your words, ideas and metaphors, the images stimulate your group’s creative energy and move the group’s visioning and problem solving ahead faster and more effectively.

Graphic recordings are used to capture key messages at events/conferences/meetings and are posted in the meeting room(s) to remind participants of the highlights. This creates a colourful and graphic reminder of group messages, insights and group emotions.

Wall Charts are created prior to an event/meeting and posted in the meeting room(s). When participants walk in the room they immediately sense that the meeting is going to be a creative and visual experience.  Wall charts can also be created from a group’s brainstorming session.