Working with a Graphic Facilitator

A Graphic Facilitator either works alone or with a lead facilitator depending on the complexity of the issues and the size of the group. When working with a Co-Facilitator , the Graphic Facilitator should be involved in the planning for the session. You will want to take into consideration the following:

  • Pre-session briefing – The Graphic Facilitator meets with the planning team to understand the purpose of your session and how the lead facilitator intends to move through it i.e. the agenda and methods of engagement. The room should also be assessed to make sure it has a workable wall surface.
  • Pre-session work – some work (research on images, review of background materials, session graphic designs) is needed prior to the event to prepare for the session. In particular, the co-facilitators will determine how they will work together to enhance the participants’ experience.
  • Day of event – the Graphic Facilitator will need access to the room/venue at least 45 minutes-1 hour in advance of the session start to hang paper and organize materials.
  • For graphic recording of speakers it is advisable to alert the speakers to the technique and ensure that they are amenable to it. Request that they provide the Graphic Recorder with a copy of their speech in advance or to have a conversation with them to explain the content of their talk.
  • If wall charts are to be produced, the material for the chart(s) should be provided at least one week (or more depending on the number of charts) in advance of the session.  Wall charts could include e.g. the agenda, principles, ground rules, planning process/schedule